March 3rd, 2014


worth the price of admission

I had the sudden suspicion that Scrivener might let me put both my synopsis and the chapter I was working on up in a split screen, and lo, within a few seconds I’d figured out how to do so. That feature alone is worth the price of admission. I’ve also got an obviously-increasingly-useful sidebar going on with research materials filling up, and find a sort of unholy glee in the idea that it’s all just right there to flip through instead of digging through browser bookmarks or random text files.

Yeah. I’m a convert, and I still don’t know how to use 95% of the features. Imagine how dangerous I’ll be if I ever learn that stuff!

Also, this little book I’ve started may or may not amuse anyone else but I’m not yet 1K in and it’s amusing the hell out of me, which is a nice feeling.

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