February 28th, 2014


Picoreview: A New York Winter’s Tale

Picoreview: A New York Winter’s Tale: That was really pretty awful.

Ted had read me a bit of a review which had pretty well panned the film, saying, among other things, that there was too much magic. We went “wtf, it’s a fairy tale, how can there be too much magic?”

There was too much magic.

I can see where it might have worked in the book (which I may now have to read, just out of curiosity), but on screen it was just Too Much. Too twee, too corny, too whatever, but too much. Which is really too bad, because the basic idea of the story is a rather charming sweet idea: sometimes two people meet up because they have a miracle to share with one another, and that miracle has ripple effects. There are angelic creatures who try to help make sure the miracles happen and demonic ones who try to stop them. The idea works well enough, and there are fairly wide swaths where the magic works, but when it goes too far it goes so much too far that the end result is, well, pretty awful.

Although–if you’re inclined to judge a movie by my reviews, possibly it should be borne in mind that I also think Legend is pretty awful, a stance which my husband feels is a travesty, so that’s my standard here. :)

Spoilers behind the cut.

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