February 12th, 2014


Character Development

A while back, I put forth a general call for questions about writing that people might want to ask me, and, er, I just remembered that I had the list stored, so I thought I’d answer one! :)

Heather asks: Character inspirations – from whom did you draw the personality traits of Joanne, Gary, Morrison, Margrit, Alban, Janx, Daisani, etc.

This one’s particularly entertaining because Heather’s a high school friend of mine who has never been able to see herself or anybody she knows in any of my characters, so is wondering if she missed anybody. :)

She hasn’t, actually. There’s a school of thought which says “I am writer, insult me and I will eviscerate you in prose.” I’m much more of the “insult me and I totally won’t ever write you into anything” school of thought, because why would I want to reward somebody I didn’t like with that kind of presence in my books? But in fact, there are very few characters who are based on anybody I know, or even amalgamations of them.

As it happens, Gary *is* based, extremely loosely, on a totally awesome cab driver I met in Kenai. An old dude named, I think, Bill, who it turned out was friends with my maternal grandmother and had some great stories about her that he shared with me while driving me around town one day. Anyway, he was a tremendously good-hearted soul, and an old man, and full of vigor and kindness, and he’s a great deal of where Gary came from. I’ve no idea, of course, if he’d have been so phlegmatic in the face of magic as Gary is, but that’s fiction for you.

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