January 27th, 2014


I need a secretary. @.@

Or more hours in a day that are not already spoken for. Or a to-do list so exhaustive I cannot fail to do each tiny step on it (yes, yes, Carl: I’ve read GETTING THINGS DONE :)), except I need either the time or the secretary to create the exhaustive to-do list, so…a secretary would be nice.

This has been an extremely busy month: I’ve written 42K, which has involved finishing STONE’S THROE, copy edits on SHAMAN RISES, and writing more on MAGIC & MANNERS. There have been 3 birthday parties. I have gone out to coffee (well, hot chocolate, anyway) with a friend. We went out to brunch with another set of friends. I have popped over to a foreign country for an afternoon to visit yet another friend. I’ve read five books. I am going to go see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on Wednesday and Coriolanus on Thursday, after which we will have the friend who is joining us for the play/broadcast with us for the weekend. (Jesus, that’s more social activity than I’ve had in YEARS.) And as if all that wasn’t busy enough, I’ve had a cold at least half the month. @.@

Garth Brooks will be doing a concert here in July. Tickets go on sale Thursday morning. I gotta be ready to snatch some up. :)

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