January 17th, 2014


Recent Reads: Lust for Life

LUST FOR LIFE is the fourth & final book in Jeri Smith-Ready’s WVMP Vampire Radio series. I have a conflicted relationship with these books; something happened in the 3rd book that I really did not want to happen, but I read the interstitial novella and book 4 because I wanted to see if Jeri (who is a friend of mine) did the only thing with the end of the series that I felt would justify the thing I really didn’t like.

The answer is that she sort of did, which means I’m not quite at the place of being That Reader sniveling, “I didn’t like this book because the writer didn’t do WHAT I THOUGHT SHE SHOULD” (which, as a writer, is a reader I reaaaaallly don’t want to be :)). But I do think that in this case I got in the way of myself, because I had clear ideas about what *I* would do with the situation she developed, so instead of ending up loving the books, which I hoped to, I only liked them all right.

Although–to counter the kind of snively “she didn’t write the book I wanted”, I have to say that one of the major effects of The Thing I Didn’t Like, in tandem with the main character’s established magic, was really nicely thought out and implemented, and I liked that a *lot*.

I think that for a rarity I might actually go into major and specific spoilers, because I’d actually like to talk about what didn’t work for me, so I’ll stick those behind the cut tag. You have been warned.

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