November 28th, 2013


ever so handy

Last Friday I called a handyman recommended by the letting agency. He said he would be over on Monday at 11. At 1pm on Monday I called him and said ?. He said he clean forgot and he’d be by on Tuesday at lunch time. At 2:30pm on Tuesday I called and he said he’d be over in an hour.

He was. He came in, looked at the things that needed doing, said he’d be back Wednesday lunch–”I’m always saying lunch to you!” he says, “I’ll be there in the morning!”

Wednesday he wouldn’t answer the phone.

Wednesday evening I spent five minutes on Google, found a local handyman with a professional website and an active Twitter feed, emailed, got their rates, called this morning, made an appointment for noon, the guy showed up at noon, did the job and was out of here within an hour.

I wish I’d Googled last week. @.@

The result, anyway, is that housecleaning is beginning to take actual effect. Which is good, because we’re having a large party here in two days. And now I have to go do more, which includes but probably isn’t limited to:

- vacuuming (halls, living room, dining room)
- sweeping (kitchen, bathrooms)
- mopping (kitchen, bathrooms)
- washing windows (my, i’m ambitious)
- decluttering bookshelves
- clearing off coat & shoe rack
- changing sheets on guest bed
- whatever i’m forgetting

And besides all that, right now I have to go clean the kitchen so I can make dinner. @.@

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