October 27th, 2013


Recent Reads: ElfQuest: The Final Quest: Issue 1

I don’t promise I won’t do one of these for every issue, so you should probably be glad that it’s not a monthly title. OTOH, it’s the first time in a loooong time that I’m really impatient for the *next comic*, so hurrah and huzzah!

So this is a 60 page prologue and it’s…wow. A lot happens in it. A *lot* happens, and I’m torn about…it’s well done. I mean, given how much they were trying to do, it’s well done. And to give them props, in 60 pages they delivered *four* gut-punches. I don’t know if they’d have been equally gut-punchy for new readers–probably not, but as Ted said, “They’re not exactly going for growing their readership here, are they?”–but four of them, ranging from startlement to dismay to horror and finally to an actual gasp-out-loud moment of shock that’s actually still making me reel.

But it’s so much that I, who haven’t read ElfQuest in ages but have vast amounts of RAM dedicated to it, felt overwhelmed. I do think they did their damned best to introduce about 40 characters in 60 pages so new readers might have *some* chance of hanging their hat on something, but man. Information overload.

They answered some questions that I think must have been niggling at readers and had to be dealt with immediately so The Rest Of The Story could come along. Some of them I don’t actually care about, and the rest of this sentence is going behind a spoiler cut because spoilers and incoherence

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