September 17th, 2013


Picoreview: White House Down

Picoreview: White House Down: Ted and I went to White House Down (after much debate, starting first with the idea of going to About Time or the equally romantic date movie Elysium, then deciding we’d see Rush and then finding White House Down was starting earlier and sounded more fun) this weekend. It was a colossal flop, costing $150m to make and having made $73m domestically, though it’s made another $100m overseas (apparently people who don’t live in American enjoy watching the White House blow up more than people who do, and they apparently like Americans blowing themselves up more than foreigner), but I gotta say: I loved it.

First off, it did what it said on the tin, to a perfectly ridiculous degree. Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx and Maggie Gyllenhaal were fine in their roles, and Gyllenhaal had the glad job of being all business and no romance, which is offensively rare in fillum, as we say here. There were preposterous stunts and exploding White Houses and

There was also the most awesome 11 year old girl this side of ever. Huge, huge, major TOTAL spoilers behind the cut, because I can’t even talk about how awesome she is without spoiling most of the movie. If you do not want to be spoiled–and I repeat, there are major spoilers behind the cut, let me just leave you with this: Know what the action genre needs? The action genre needs a team-up between Lucy McLane and Emily Cale. That is what action movies need. And I would be there with bells on.

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My sister is having a 1920s themed party and I am almost certain to get outbid on this fabulous dress. :) (Not that I can figure out how we can go anyway, when everyone we know is attending and it’s after Young Indiana’s bedtime, but let’s not think about that just now. :))

Last week was the 2nd Laydeez Do Comics meet-up in Dublin. It was better-attended than the first and equally interesting. I brought cookies (triple chocolate, or Chocolate Migraine) and wore my red bowler hat, the former of which were appreciated by all and the latter of which was particularly appreciated by our hosts, who had forgotten a hat-substitute to pass the hat for donations. So my hat was enlisted, and to my pure, ridiculous delight, cookies and hat alike were featured by Paul Sheridan, the artist of the evening:


*delighted* :)

I got my WeLoveFine Bearclaw necklace! And I also found the one a friend made for me in college, so I post a photo of them both for comparison. I truly kinda love the smaller one more, because hey, it’s all mine, but the necklace joining on the official one is more practical–the loops for the chain are behind each ear, rather than welded in the centre of it. So they each have something going for them.


ETA: Young Indiana just asked me to put the Bearclaw neckace on, “so we can see what powers it gives you.” Now, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but he’s never said anything like that before. I’d say the kid has a pretty good inherent idea of what constitutes a magic item. :)

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