August 21st, 2013


so many thinks

I have so many thinks to do I can’t even manage to remember to order groceries.

- order groceries :p
- never-ending laundry
- put laundry away
- plane tickets
- email matrice
- sign contract
- find epub of easy pickings
- find epub/mobi of YoM, aftermath, origins
- email tony
- move bookcase
- find impala mix
- revise ever-loving shit out of shaman rises, to the tune of ‘wayward son’

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Kitsnaps: Did You Miss Me?

Did You Miss Me?
Did You Miss Me?

Did You Miss Me? (AKA The Triumphant Return of Kitsnaps!)

Seriously, it’s taken two full months to get the desktop computer set up, and I had a couple hundred photos to go through (which is kind of a lame number, since I haven’t used the camera at all this month :p), but I am finally back with Kitsnaps, and hope to return to daily posting.

And I finally got a good picture of a robin. :)

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