August 1st, 2013



at 10:30am i had eaten, bathed, played some x-box games, watched a bit of tv, moved 9 boxes of baby clothes downstairs, unburied the wardrobe in the front bedroom (but in doing so, buried the computer desk), emptied two boxes, and fallen on the stairs wrenching my shoulder and thumb badly in catching myself.

the good news is i’ve moved on from being frustrated at ted for all the useless shit Important Stuff he owns to being frustrated with myself for all the useless shit Important Stuff i own. at least *his* stuff goes nicely onto shelves, but i’ve got art supplies i haven’t used in years, figurines we have no room for at all, a sewing machine and a box of sewing fabric i’ve never used, barbells, clothes i’m too fat for, the list goes on and on.

by noon, i’d emptied another couple boxes, until i was left staring at the two pairs of calf-high boots i rarely wear and trying to decide if it’s even worth keeping them, nevermind the various other shoes i either obviously should never have purchased or have replaced with something more useable, and gave up in depression.

then the landlord showed up before I got the door to the dining room, where we’ve recarpeted, closed. now he’s seen the new carpet, which i’d been going to say, several months down the line “hey, we’re thinking of recarpeting, want to go halvsies on it?” and hand over the old receipt with the date blurred out. that won’t work now.

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