July 17th, 2013


Picoreview: Supernatural, S7

Picoreview: Supernatural, Season 7: The poor boys.

I mean, that’s pretty well the picoreview for any season of Supernatural, and S7 was not the worst of what they’ve been through. (Nevermind that I spent two Bobby episodes and the Felicia Day episode gnawing on my knuckles and with my knees drawn against my chest.)

I do love this show. I’d kind of paled on it in s6, and we hadn’t gotten around to watching s7 (obviously), but then Amanda Tapping was announced as being in s8, so we had to watch s7 so we’d know, well, the road so far. And s7 largely renewed my fondness for it, it seems. (It still should’ve ended with s5, but I will take Beating A Dead Horse, Pretty Boy Style, for a few more years.)

There’s a part of me that would kind of like to write a SPN novel. They’ve got such good voices (Dean particularly) and they have all the emo angst in the world. And then some. (Presumably if I wrote a SPN novel it would be set in, or at least drive through, Seattle, where Baby would need some part and the boys would stop by a certain garage… :))

Actual spoilers behind the cut.

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Unpacking shoes and hair styling things is like unpacking a paean to the person I obviously wish I was. :p

Nearly unworn heels, bought in a fit of I don’t even know what, except the joy of having discovered heels that were wide enough for my feet. A couple pair have reasonably low heels; I remember thinking they might be walkable-in. And maybe they are, if I was someone else who wore clothes that one wears heels with. And walked less than an average of 5 miles a day. And. And. And.

A couple years ago I discovered pincurls. Sometime not long after that I found some “don’t have to sleep in them just blowdry your hair in them ‘cold’ curlers” which of course don’t work and I’ve never, nor is there much chance that I will, slept in them or indeed even manage to first mousse my hair before doing the curl-and-dry factor (which would increase its likelihood of success by a significant margin). A curling iron which also has very little effect on my hair (they never have unless my hair was permed first). An improbable number of hair ties, ribbons, barrettes, headbands and other stuff, when what I use is bobby pins and ponytail holders.

I actually find this really depressing.

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