July 3rd, 2013


a true measure of quality

Today is the day the city council comes around these pars and takes away bulky household rubbish you’ve put out on the sidewalk. Consequently, pickers (or, as I’ve been calling them, scavengers) in white vans have been driving around the neighborhood since yesterday evening, checking out the pickings.

They took the two cheap vacuum cleaners (or hoovers, as we call them here) but have left every other item we put out. That’s a true measure of the quality of stuff we’re divesting the house of. :)

Our friends Brian and Gareth came over last night to help us move things around, for which we are eternally grateful, because it totally would not have succeeded with just me and Ted, OMG. They claim the brownies I fed them for doing all that hard work made it worth it. :)

My favorite part of the evening were the immortal words spoken by Brian, as they moved a wardrobe up the stairs: “Take that, physics!” (*thump*) “Fuck you!”

(Brian claims Gar actually did the swearing, but this is my story and I’m sticking to it. :))

The new carpet gets put in tomorrow. At this point I kind of feel like I can’t really do much today, because everything is an if-then statement right now. If the carpet was in, then I could put the bookshelves away. If the bookcases were in place, then I could unpack boxes. If, then; if, then; if, then. But all the ifs aren’t in place, so there are no thens.

Which means I could kind of take today off. That would be wonderful. The only trouble is that the house is such a mess that I don’t really want to stay in it, and the idea of going to the zoo or some such just sounds exhausting. More exhausting. And I don’t know where the cameras are! :)

- call airtricity
- email nice lady at [redacted] to discuss [redacted]
- bring coat to drycleaner
- see if i can find a gardener
- pay credit card
- call about skip

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Kari Sperring* introduced the utterly magnifient tag SFFragette over on Twitter a few days ago, as a term to embody the push-back against sexism in SFF. It now has a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and a blog.

These are fantastic places to follow the ongoing discussion. I ottally lack the spoons to link to all the great posts and talks that are happening, so if you’re one of my readers and have any interest in the topic, there’s your source for news.

That said, here’s a link I think says some important things: What we talk about when we talk about con harassment. It’s not a scintillating post title, but it’s written by a man, and largely directed at men. The thing that particularly stands out about it to me is his discussion of the of “I’d have broken that bastard’s teeth!” response when faced with a discussion or report of harrassment. (Note: this is not a men-only response by a long shot, but it does seem to be a nearly universal one among men. I am not trying to persecute anybody by bringing this up.)

I have seen several people say words to the effect of “but this is a problem throughout society, why is SFF being called out for it?” Someone–whose blog I didn’t save–essentially said, “Yes, but the SFF community is my particular pool, so this is where I’m choosing to expend my energies.” I think that nails it. Besides, in this context, the SFF community is freaking huge: the overlap with gaming, comics, cosplay, means the potential ripple effect is tremendous.

*If you like Carol Berg or Guy Gavriel Kay, you should be reading Kari’s books. I’m just sayin’.

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