July 2nd, 2013


damn & blast

I was confident the big computer would be set up by now, and have not scheduled Kitsnaps past the 1st of July. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and my tablet doesn’t have access to the Dropbox folder where the pictures are kept, so Kitsnaps is on hiatus for…this week, at least. I hope I’ll have it back up next week.

Damn and blast. I hoped I could make it six months without dropping the ball, but it’s only been four. #sulk

OTOH, it did strike me today that of course the appropriate recipe tag for me to use is Kitsnacks… :)

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the never-ending list

of things i really have to do today
- dump:
» large wardrobe
» table & chairs
» our computer desk what don’t fit wah
- move thousands of boxes
- pull up carpet
- put hook & eye on that door
- rearrange upstairs so things can be moved around
- follow up on address with amazon
- go to post office & change address
- call airtricity
- make cookies for big strong handsome men (also possibly give them wine :))
- get power tools
- return stuff to mom
- email nice lady at [redacted] to discuss [redacted]

of things that can wait until wednesday or even later, although not damned much later:
- repaint upstairs bathroom
- 2nd coat on downstairs bathroom
- see if i can find a gardener
- get shrubbery
- get bird feeder
- get new pillows
- bring coat to drycleaner

I said to Ted last night, in a kind of exhausted despair, that we were doing so much around this place, and it costs money, but that I just wanted it done right, and done right at the start, so that we could live in comfort and not have half-assed projects or whatever hanging over our heads. Fortunately, he agreed, and we both have no desire to move again for many years, so hopefully getting all the things set up well at the start will give us a long and worthy investment of happiness and comfort.

And then on top of that I’m just wearily grateful that we can actually afford to do these things and make it nice and *be* comfortable. Not everyone is so lucky.

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