July 1st, 2013


i’d say i’m tired…

…but I recently read an “advice to young people” thing that said, “Don’t tell people you’re tired. Everybody’s tired, and they don’t care if you are too.”

Actually, what I thought about that was, 1. F#ck you, asshole, and 2. There’s obviously something wrong with our society if tired is everybody’s default. But anyway.

I do wish I’d stop waking up at 5am, because I almost never get any meaningful sleep once that happens. Alternately, I suppose I wish I’d go to bed at 9pm so waking up at 5 didn’t seem quite so horrifying, but I don’t do that either. Anyway, again.

We’re out of the other house. All is cleaned, and if it’s not to my mother’s standards, I have assuaged that guilt by 1. not having her come inspect our handiwork :) and 2. really not giving a damn. It’s better by far than the average Irish house is when renters leave, so that’s good enough.

Now there is an incomprehensible amount of unpacking to do.

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