June 18th, 2013


Picoreview: Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Picoreview: Man of Steel: I may have a new favorite superhero movie. Wow. This and X2 and I don’t know, maaaaaaaaaaaybe Avengers, which I loved but didn’t hit all the grace notes the way X2 did for me, but anyway, yeah, wow.

It’s clear not everybody agrees with me, which is perfectly reasonable. I’ve seen reviews that think this is a movie without joy or delight or charm. I completely disagree, but possibly should offer up a Heretical Disclaimer along with that disagreement: As with the Star Wars movies, I didn’t see the Christopher Reeve Superman movies until I was an adult. The result is that unlike almost everyone of my generation, I think they’re nearly unwatchably bad. Yes: Reeve is absolutely wonderful. He embodies both Clark Kent and Superman. Everything surrounding him, though, is god-awful (I am Lex Luthor! I am an evil genius! How do you know? Because I’ve told you so about fifty times, although I have not done a single thing to prove it! I am Lois Lane! I am the original Girl Reporter! Everyone admires my investigative skills! I can’t figure out Clark is Superman! I am Marlon Brando Jor El! I’m a right bastard! (Well, okay, to be fair, that and Lois’s weird inability are straight out of the comics.)) and consequently instead of having painfully high expectations for Superman movies, I have painfully low ones. I did not, in other words, go in with much hope for this movie, or any nostalgia for what has come before.

And I loved it. I honestly did. I can’t wait to go see it again. I would have turned around and gone back in to watch it again immediately if it had been an option, and I can count the number of movies I’ve felt that way about in the past decade on one hand. So, yeah. I just loved it.

If they cannot give me a Wonder Woman film of this calibre before doing a Justice League movie, I will not see Justice League. It will kill me, but seriously, there is no reason that they should be unable to put together a Wonder Woman story this good, and not introducing Wonder Woman in her own film before doing a Justice League movie would be nothing but pure, absolute, sexist bullshit.

This review will be Full Of Spoilers. You are warned. I waste no time getting to the spoilers after the cut.

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omg busy

I usually have to be on holiday to be away from the computer this much, yow. Incredibly busy fun weekend with Kate, then the past two days have been mostly at the new house cleaning carpets and things, omg. Mom and I are wrecked, but the house is looking much nicer. And this place was clean, for an Irish rental. All we have to do now is pack and move and unpack and organize and *dies in a pit just thinking about it*

(Of critical importance: getting shrubbery or something for along the fences, to block them off. Seriously considering raspberry or blackberry bushes for that purpose, if I can find them grown-up enough to make a barrier. Also, a locking mechanism for the front gate, because there is a very busy road outside of it.)

Thursday I need to go to Lidl for Superman stuff and Aldi for marshmallow fluff. Must remember to do that.

NatGeo’s wildlife contest photography is just beautiful.

Interesting article breaking down male vs female leads in current films. Spoiler: it’s mostly men. This may be part of why the one movie I’m really truly looking forward to this year is Catching Fire.

*blanks* There was some other thing…well, this wasn’t it, but: the coloring book for so-called grown-ups Kickstarter is in its last 48 hours and has barely more than $150 to reach 10x its original goal, which would just be awesome. You want a fantasy art coloring book, don’t you? Or someone you know does, right? :)

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