June 10th, 2013


RIP, Iain Banks

iain_catie_michael Fairly early yesterday afternoon, my friend Pádraig posted on FB to say that after a sudden turn for the worse, Iain Banks had died early yesterday morning. I didn’t repost until I saw it confirmed elsewhere, because although there was really no chance Pádraig was wrong, I was still holding out a tiny thread of hope.

Honestly, I have no business being so saddened by his death. I met him at a small convention in Belfast over the course of a weekend, and was completely charmed by him. I still, horrifyingly, haven’t read any of his books. But he was such an incredibly delightful man, so full of warmth and laughter, that it was impossible not to feel as though I knew him. That seems to be a common thread through those who met him briefly, from what I’ve been reading online in the wake of his death.

Anyway, so another friend, Nicholas, reposted his 2007 Mecon report, and I thought that was a good idea, so I’m reposting mine (albeit edited down, because it was very long. And still is, but less so now.).

Photograph here by Malcom Hutchison, featuring Iain, me, and Michael Perkins. I have no idea at all what we were roaring with laughter about, but we were sure having a good time. :)

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