May 2nd, 2013


Cineworld survey fail.

So I belong to a thing with one of the local cinemas (well, it’s a chain, not local-local, but, y’know, in the area), Cineworld. They’ve got an Unlimited card, where for €21 a month you can go to however many movies you want. There’s a monthly newsletter and sometimes they send surveys.

I just got a survey, which is so asinine I felt obliged to call Cineworld out on it on Twitter and just can’t stop myself from replicating it (in text form) here. I’ll only highlight the really irritating questions.

But before I go there, let me just also mention that they’ve just released a new Unlimited card ad in the cinemas, which features a dude having all the adventures and getting the girl at the end. I seriously sat through it the first time waiting for each segment to flip to being a woman protagonist and then back to the man throughout, but no, they didn’t do that. And at least some of their Unlimited ads say “Mr B Wayne” as the name on the card, so I said (again on Twitter), “So you’ll be releasing an Unlimited ad with a female protagonist and a “Ms S Kyle” on the card soon, right?” The person who does the Twitter feed liked the idea, but raise your hand if you think that’s gonna happen.

That might give you an idea of what’s behind the cut.

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