April 23rd, 2013


Magic & Manners: Chapter Two

With further apologies to Jane Austen, I present to you the second chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS, which is what happens when I get it into my head to wonder what PRIDE & PREJUDICE would be like if it was not a lack of wealth that beleaguered the Bennet sisters, but rather an excess of magic…

Chapter One is here or here, if you want to read it on LJ.

Chapter Two commences behind the cut. :)

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Kitsnaps: Ghost Wolf

Ghost Wolf
Ghost Wolf
This is what happens when you take an over-exposed photograph of a grey wolf on a fairly bright day.

Also, that intent expression? That’s because this shot was taken at exactly the moment the wolf noticed Young Indiana. That is a wolf who is thinking, “Lunch!” The next shot I have of him he’s got his head lowered and is prowling down the hill after Young Indiana. :)

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