April 18th, 2013


Recent Reads: LET IT BLEED

LET IT BLEED is book 3.5 of the WVMP RADIO urban fantasy series by my friend Jeri Smith-Ready, and is what happens when the publisher decides they want four books instead of five and the author turns the salient events of book four into a novella to offer her readers for free so she can wrap up the series in a way she feels is satisfying.

This is in every way awesome. And the novella is, in and of itself, fine. My problem is with a decision Jeri’s made for the direction of the series, which is perhaps not entirely fair, but OTOH, well, shit, man. Spoilers for WVMP RADIO behind the cut.

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so. many. good. things.

I keep finding recipes that look magnificent and discovering food sites that have all kinds of swoonable-looking meals. They’re evenly split between pure junk food and really healthy eating stuff, and I keep looking at the healthy eating stuff and wishing I would actually make these things (I’m far more likely to make the other stuff, because I love to bake, whereas I only tolerate having to cook).

And then I find Thug Kitchen (warning: this guy spews profanity left right and center. It’s obviously intended to be over the top offensive/funny, and it is, but it is Not For Everybody), which has such preposterously delicious-looking food, along with a huge dose of “you lazy cad, you could be eating all this great stuff RIGHT NOW” that it sort or gets up my nose in a “OH YEAH WELL I COULD BE EATING IT RIGHT NOW AND KNOW WHAT I’M GONNA THAT’LL SHOW YOU!” way. Which is, er, exactly what it’s supposed to do. I think I’ll go buy some sweet potatoes and pinto beans and make his tacos (that’s one of the, er, less offensively worded recipes)…

I will, of course, probably have to get the pinto beans at the awesome indoor market on Moore Street that has…world food, for lack of a better description. I mean, it’s where I found black beans recently (sing, choirs of angels!), and it’s got more kinds of rice than I knew existed, and flours, and a lot of East Asian (see, I’m becoming more this-side-of-the-pond, using “East Asian” instead of “Indian subcontinent”) foods, and wide varieties of fruits and vegetables that I don’t even know what they are, much less what to do with them, which makes me want to, y’know, LEARN what they are and what to do with them.

Anyway, I’m sure it can’t be any more difficult to make fresh interesting food than to cook anything else, but I need some kind of plan of attack, because I don’t tend to have the lovely interesting things that many of these appealing recipes call for on hand.

I don’t know that I’ll get any farther than wisting about all the good stuff I’m not making, but man, wist! :)

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