April 12th, 2013


revision and review

Revisions on SHAMAN RISES are taking a ridiculously long time, because I have to keep looking up details–names, aura colors, locations–in other books. I have only had to resort to Twitter twice, although it might in general be faster to ask Teh Intarwebs instead of searching my own manuscripts. :)

I also finished watching the first season Downton Abbey last night. I think…that I will probably not continue on. The final episode left me disgusted with the two older sisters, I loathed the Lady Grantham/O’Brien story, and generally don’t think I like enough characters in the show well enough to bother watching to see what happens to them. I can read their fates in a plot summary a great deal more quickly than I could watch it.

The costumes, though, were *magnificent*. swoon

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