April 3rd, 2013


Kitsnaps: Deirdre

There’s not much evidence of it in my portfolio, but my favorite kind of photography is portraits.

I have a project in mind (don’t I always?) to celebrate 2016 in Ireland, with a theme/subtitle of something along the lines of “Children of the Revolution: The Ireland Michael Collins Never Imagined,” that focuses heavily (but not exclusively) on Ireland as an immigrant, rather than an emigrant, state.

It would be either 100 or 200 photos, probably: half of them portrait shots, and half images of the same people ‘in context’, at work and at play around Ireland. I’d really love to do something like that, and it would feed into my love of portrait photography.

Of course, first I’d need 1. time, and 2. volunteers to be subjects for a small version of the project to prove I can take successful pictures of people and then try to get Arts Council funding. :)

Anyway, this is my sister a few years ago, from the same photo shoot as the Bridge Dancer.

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My friends list is going to fill up with this in about five minutes, but I have to say something anyway. Author Iain Banks has just announced he has terminal cancer.

God damn it. I *like* Iain Banks. I was very much looking forward to seeing him again at WorldCon in London. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I met Iain at MeCon in Belfast not long after moving to Ireland, but long enough that I was a guest at the convention. Dinner with Iain, his partner Adele, and several others was the first time I’d ever had Indian food, and I was terribly nervous about it because all I knew was that Indian food had a reputation for being spicy, which is not my strong suit in food. Whatever I ordered was good, though, and the company was magnificent.

It was a very odd convention in that apparently the con-runners had heard that Iain didn’t like being on panels and things, so over the entire weekend they’d put him on the Guest of Honor interview and maybe one other panel. Everyone, including Iain, thought that was so very bizarre that Sunday afternoon, along with Paul Cornell and Ian McDonald, we staged a coup on one of the panels and declared it our own to do with as we wished. It was huge fun and we had a great discussion with the delighted and surprised audience.

Paul and I were just talking about that at EasterCon, in fact, at the weekend.


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Still not doing it…

I’m still not running any, but boy, I sure can think of a lot of Kickstarters that would be fun to do. :)

No: there are other projects that need finishing first. But even so. :)

Speaking of them, though, Judith Tarr’s second Kickstarter is in its last week, and is mere dollars away from the next goal. I have great hopes of a last-days surge putting it up to $10K, which would be SO COOL. Go go Kickstarting Judy!

And while I’m admiring Judy, she’s written a terrific article, Crowdfunding Enters Adolescence, and over here she’s interviewed about many things, including her new Kickstarter!

Oh! AWESOME KID alert! This 11 year old has been selected as an ‘ambassador’ to Australia in a person-to-person project, and is seeking crowdfunds to help cover the cost of going. She’s selling custom-designed t-shirts and other good stuff to raise other funds, so it’s not all about “send me because I’m cute!”, she’s really making an effort to find a variety of ways to defray the costs.

On a completely different topic, I’ve finished my offering for Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch Day, coming up on April 23rd. I wouldn’t want to give anything away, but you might take a look at last year’s offering to whet your appetite…

A quick recent reads comment: having read the second Oz book, THE MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ, back to back with the first, I think that perhaps Oz palls quickly for an adult audience.

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