March 25th, 2013


English V. English: Fight!

*laughs* So this morning I was writing and had a moment of Irish English vs. American English struggle, and commented on Twitter: I swear, the Irish phrasings that slip in. “At the weekend.” Americans don’t say that. I catch most of them while typing, but I swear.

It’s caused a great stir on Twitter. *laughs* Irish and British people are going, “Er, what else would you say?” and are clutching their poor heads and wailing at my explanation of “on the weekend.”

It’s the little stuff, I tell you. It’s insidious. :)

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Author Kait Nolan wrote a blog about Kickstarters and platforms (featuring me!), which caused me to go have a look at the most successful fiction Kickstarters.

NO DOMINION’s still in the top 15, which surprised and delighted me. DINOPOCALYPSE NOW, which I’ll be writing a book for next month, is still in the top 5. (And Tim Pratt’s latest Marla Mason novel is also in the top 20! Yay!) The whole thing made me kinda want to run another Kickstarter.

Kinda. :)

I’m not going to (despite somebody asking for an Inheritors’ Cycle Kickstarter the other day), but one of my post-contract plans is to finish the script for Fred Hicks’s ElectriCity graphic novel, which we do expect to Kickstart when we get all those ducks in a row.

I have a *lot* of post-contract plans, because there’s no known cure for workaholism, but ElectriCity is one of the handful of smaller (for the value of smaller that means “130 pages of comic script”) projects that I think would be hugely satisfying to get written. It’s front-loaded writing work for me, but beyond that it’s sheer flipping fun. I’ve project managed a comic before. I *loved* it. I really want to do it again.

And when I mentioned it on Twitter, our artist sat up and said, “Yes, please. Now, please!”

Anyway, so yeah. I have far too many potential projects and still have a book to write under contract before I can go anywhere near even ElectriCity, nevermind the others (which I am not fool enough to detail for you!), but that’ll be fun, when I get to it. :)

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