March 12th, 2013



A coworker of Ted’s is upgrading his camera kit to professional lenses, and thus is looking to get rid of several of his older ones. Ted brought them home for a trial run this week, and the past couple mornings I’ve put a different lens on and gone out. I shall continue to do this for two more days, with the rest of the lenses.

I took the 50mm out yesterday. The last time I shot on a 50mm lens might have been high school, when I was learning the art of photography. This possibility is heavily backed up by the fact that when I brought the viewfinder to my eye, I immediately manually focused the lens, which I haven’t had to do in, um, a really long time. But it seems that what I saw through the lens said “manual focus” to me, which is kinda cool.

I’d forgotten how much fun a 50mm is. They (They) say it’s the closest approximation to what the human eye actually sees, and aside from the middling detail of frame edges, I think that’s quite true. I did keep being surprised at how reduced the view was from up close, but it’s got great depth of field, and the human-eye element really pleased me.

The second one I took out was a 40mm macro lens. The reviews online said essentially “A truly awesome general use lens that will do macro stuff as well,” which seems to pretty much nail it. I spent some time climbing around statuary this morning taking pictures, none of which reflected the macro effect at all but a few of which I like enough to present as Kitsnaps in a bit here, and repeated several of yesterday’s photos to see what differences there were. (The answer: for distance shots, not many.) I didn’t find much I wanted to try macro-ing, but I did do one pair of shots that illustrate how shallow the depth of field can be with it. What I *really* want to do with that lens is go back out to wherever Kate took me a few years ago and take pictures of the bluebells this May.

Tomorrow I’m taking the 10-20mm wide-angle lens. I don’t even know what you’re supposed to do with a lens like that. :)

Comparison pictures behind the cut.

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