February 24th, 2013


Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

The verdict: just because Kenneth Branagh’s “Much Ado About Nothing” was perfect does not mean that Joss Whedon’s is not *also* perfect.

Thanks to Ted’s quick purchasing, last night we got to go to the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival’s hottest, server-crashing ticket of the festival, the premiere of Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” at which the man himself was in attendance.

Because we are great big geeks, we were literally first in line: I arrived to hold a place at around 4pm (before, in fact, they had even got the barricades up for people to line up around). I hung out for a few minutes watching them put the barricades up, then noticed a friend (wearing a Jayne hat!) and waved her down. Of course, I was wearing a Giant Hood against the cold and she had NO IDEA who I was. *laughs* I realized that after a moment and pulled the hood down as I went her way, and so I joined her and the group of ten or so with her, who had been lurking at the pub next door waiting for the queue to be ready to start. So we were at the head of the class. :) The next 90 minutes or so were spent cheerfully geeking out, breaking into renditions of Once More With Feeling, and chattering teeth, as it was pretty chilly out.

At six they let us in. Ted and I broke off from the main party to take seats in the middle of the (ginormously huge) theatre, and Shel & Co went to take the front row, as they wanted to be close to The Man more than we did. (And The Man, upon coming into the packed theatre, said, a little weakly, “Wow. There are sure a lot of you.” *laughs*)

They opened the premiere with the festival president (or someone like him) gave a very funny and clever introductory speech in which he managed to reference every major work that Joss has done (“You have disturbed our Serenity…made little girls put away the Dollhouse…woken the Firefly of delight in our hearts…touched the Angels of our better natures…”), which got huge laughs and applause, and when he was done Joss thanked him for that reading of material by the great poet IMDB. :) They then gave Joss a Volta Award, which is a JDIFF award for people who have contributed in an outstanding fashion to world cinema.

Joss, who apparently didn’t know he was getting an award, stared at it, said, “This is very beautiful. I don’t think I deserve it. I mean, you’re about to watch one third of my contributions to cinema. But it’s got my naaaaaaaaaaaaame on it so I’m keeeeeeeeeping it! …and I hope you don’t want it back two hours from now. I’m very excited about this movie, and I may throw up.”

And with no further, ah, ado, they presented the film.

Spoilers are *rife* behind this cut! (I mean, yes, you all know the story, but the *staging*!) I’ll do the Q&A afterward as a separate writeup, so anybody who doesn’t want to risk film spoilers doesn’t have to scroll for the Q&A stuff.

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Joss Whedon JDIFF Q&A

The Q&A after Much Ado was much shorter than I hoped it would be! And the moderator, in introducing Joss again, asked the question I wanted to ask, which was: “You made Much Ado on a twelve day shoot between finishing filming Avengers and starting to edit it. (“No,” Joss said, parenthetically, “we’d already started editing Avengers…”) So the burning question here is, what’s wrong with you?”

“Workaholism,” Joss said sadly. “There’s no known cure.”

Which had been more or less what I wanted to ask, although I might have phrased it as, “Are you crazy?” and would have prefaced it with something to the effect of, “First off, speaking for almost all geeks everywhere, thank you for not fucking up The Avengers.”

Possibly that would not have gone over the way I intended it, though (honestly, it’s a compliment! Like us all staggering out of X-Men going “It didn’t suck!” It might sound backhanded, but the depths of our gratitude were unplumbable!), so maybe it’s just as well I didn’t get to ask. :)

This will invariably get long, so the bulk of it shall go behind the cut. :)

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