February 18th, 2013


Kitsnaps: Baby Bongo

Baby Bongo at Dublin Zoo
Baby Bongo at Dublin Zoo
This baby bongo was born last year at Dublin Zoo. I remember the first time I saw the male bongo, whose antlers (horns?) are quite magnificent. He was curled against one of the fences, his head lowered so his mouth was near the ground, and when I looked at him through my camera viewfinder, I saw a classic African carving. It was an absolutely visceral visual, completely startling to me, and quite wonderful, as I’d never experienced anything like that before.

Sadly, that picture didn’t turn out nearly as successfully as the impact it had on me suggested it should have, so instead: baby bongo!

The baby got quite interested in the viewers, eventually coming over for a peek, which thrilled my nephews to no end:

A baby bongo peeks at us at Dublin Zoo
Peeking Bongo

The younger nephew, who was quite communing with the creature, didn’t want to leave at all. I can’t say I blame him, either, as we were within 3 feet of it when the above picture was taken. I have several other photos I’m very pleased with, too, but I won’t spam you with ALL THE BONGO PICTURES all at once. :)

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Elfquest: The Final Quest

Page, um. 24. I’m a little behind.


Page One
Page Two
Page Three
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Page Five
Page Six
Page 7

(this is where I left off)

Page 8
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Page 15 (The best bit about this page is Wendy posted the profiles frame on FB and someone commented how Cutter’s nose had lost its snub, and (more tragically) Skywise’s had lost its arch. And when she posted the final version, their noses had been restored to their original glory. ♥ )
Page 16
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Page 23
Page 24

Once you’ve caught up, come read my behind-the-cut comments. :)

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