February 16th, 2013


and the rationalization begins

Rationalization #1: Chocolate milk isn’t REALLY junk food. (Hot chocolate is definitely junk food. But not chocolate milk! Except maybe hot chocolate you make at home, which hasn’t got whipped cream and peppermint in it. So chocolate milk you make at home is fine!)

Rationalization #2: Homemade biscuits with butter and honey aren’t REALLY junk food. Well, they’re not. They’re not. But three of them may be abusing the spirit of the law. (I did not, in my defense, have three!)

Rationalization #3: If I just have ONE SCOOP of ice cream with chocolate sauce instead of a SUNDAE at the movies like I usually do it’s not jun–oh, who are we kidding, yes it is. Coises. :)

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