January 16th, 2013



My Nikon D50 died the other day, as I believe I mentioned, and I'm flailing about what to replace it with.

They have all sorts of names for higher-end cameras these days, from "beginner" to "advanced beginner" to "enthusiast" to "semi-pro" to... I don't know. Professional features in there eventually, but the costs on those range from significant to astronomical. And truthfully, in today's market, a vast percentage of what makes something professional-level is the lens you're using, not the body. I'm probably an "enthusiast", as I have a fair amount of actual technical training in photography, or even semi-pro, as I do occasionally sell photography even if I don't pursue it as much as I'd like.

So the D5200, aimed at "advanced beginners", is very new, and has what several other Nikons in this range lack, which is an automatic panorama stitching option. (Hundred dollar cameras have this. Why do thousand dollar cameras not?) It seems preposterous to buy a new DSLR that lacks a function like that. Reviews are generally good, and, importantly, it fits in my hands, which my husband's D70 does not comfortably do. It's not as high-end as the other one I'm contemplating, though *realistically* it no doubt does most things I'd want it to.

The D7000 is an enthusiast's camera, apparently. I haven't held one, so I don't know about its size for my hands. It lacks several of the D5200's features, but this is because it's a couple of years old. But being a couple years old means it's due for an upgrade which would presumably *have* those features, plus all the much finer "enthusiast" or "semi-pro" or whatever the hell you want to call it options that the D7K has. And they are *good* features: it's a camera that's much more flexible than the D5200. Even if you opt to leave it on automatic most of the time, the ability to override that and do as you wish is very appealing. So probably the *smart* thing to do is at least wait and see on the new D7K.

Which will leave me with no camera this weekend, and we're going to London. :(