January 6th, 2013



CEMurphy.net has indeed been hacked. And I sent an email to my web host, who responded with a scolding email in return.

I. Just.

Do not, for the love of god, use Jumpline, people.

I was already in the process of starting to move things off there when this happened, but of course I don't have a backup, and my ability to cope is just. *strangled noises*

At any moment now all this website shit is going to stop, right?

Apparently not.


I've just finished Tobias Buckell's absolutely terrific ARCTIC RISING, which is one of those rare books that I enjoyed so much that I dearly wish I'd written it, but am also not flailing with regret that I didn't nor would ever be able to write it. Instead I just enjoyed the hell out of it and am chomping at the bit for the sequel.

It's near-future SF, set after the melting of the Arctic ice cap. More accessible and adventure-oriented than Kim Stanley Robinson's brilliant Science trilogy, it is exactly the kind of climate change book that I want to see on bestseller lists, getting international attention, and generating discussion about the world he's portrayed and the futures we're looking at.

That sounds very high-falutin', so let me also say it this way: when the worrisome McGuffin was revealed, I actually gasped out loud. That's how involved I was in the stakes Tobias had set up, and in the characters he'd developed. I couldn't tell you the last time a book made me gasp like that. I not only liked the main character and the supporting cast very much, but *loved* the portrayal of the bad guy, whom I found utterly believable.

You all know climate change is a hot topic for me, having grown up in Alaska where the effects have been achingly visible. Tobias is Caribbean, and is, I suspect, similarly motivated on the topic: low-lying island countries, like Alaska, already seeing the effects of climate change. The future as he's envisioned it seems painfully possible to me, for good and for ill. A very good book!