December 23rd, 2012


That moment when...

That moment when after two days of sleeping until 7 or later the 2 year old suddenly reverts to the earlier-in-the-week horribleness of waking at 5am, and you are goddamned determined you are not getting up at 5 freaking AM again and you give him some medicine because it's got to be his teeth and you wrestle him back into the crib and spend the next hour listening to him wail, "MOMMY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" and "MOMMY, WHERE ARE YOU?" and at 5:30 the heat kicks on and Ted swears, "That's not fucking possible," and stomps downstairs to turn it off because the radiators gurgle so loudly we think that's what's been waking the 2 year old at 5am so we reset it to come on at 7:30 but it's clearly all fucked up and then Ted stomps back to bed and finally at six you snarlingly get out of bed and don't get your glasses and get the kid and go downstairs and drag all the blankets onto the couch and sit there in a funk and he opens the curtains and you think man I know the solstice was yesterday but the sun is sure coming up a lot earlier than I thought it was and after half an hour he wants breakfast so you stomp into the kitchen to get breakfast and you stomp by the wall clock and it says a quarter to nine--

--wait, what the fuck.

So you back up and stare at the clock and yeah it says a quarter to nine so you go back into the living room to stare at the other two clocks in there from close enough to read them without your glasses and they both say a quarter to nine, too, and you immediately, instantly know what's happened, because although you've been living in a country that uses a 24 hour clock for seven years, you still haven't adapted to it, and yesterday when a breaker flipped it turned the clock in the bedroom off and when you reset it last night at 10:30 you thought okay you always think 20:00 is 10pm but it's not, it's 8pm, so don't do that but it seems you did do that even though you were thinking about it and the 2 year old did in fact get up at 7am after all, not 5am, and no wonder he didn't go back to sleep when you put him back in bed until 8:15 in the morning.

Yeah. That moment.