November 23rd, 2012


Thanksgiving preparations!

passenger: do you go toward blanchardstown?
dublinbus driver: not even in an armored car!

*laughs* Not that Blanchardstown is so awful, or not that I know about (except it's where the huge shopping centre is, which is reason enough to stay away. OTOH, it's also where the 50m pool is, which is reason enough to go), but I thought that was pretty funny. :)

Turkey fetched! Bread rolls made! Pie crust made! Cinnamon rolls made! And it's not even noon yet! Next up: banana bread and pumpkin pie! Then--actually, if I was *truly* awesome, then I would make the green bean casserole, but I seriously doubt I'm that awesome. I don't even like green bean casserole. :)

Yes, yes, I know, I'm a day behind, but we don't have American Thanksgiving here until the Saturday, because for some peculiar reason the Irish don't have half of this week off. You know what else they don't have? Black Friday. So it's nowhere near a net loss, I'd say.

More shipping materials arrived. I wasn't home to collect them, so they dropped them next door. The very nice man next door must think I'm a very fragile flower, because he insisted I take the two boxes separately, as one was very heavy. "It is?" I said in surprise, but took them separately, with the lighter one first, as that's what he handed me. Then he, concerned about my fragility, brought the heavy one halfway to me.

It must've weighed all of fifteen pounds. :)

Okay, she said with a frantic look around, there is almost certainly something I should be doing instead of writing a blog post.

(That perpetual feeling (which is usually right) is why I've become such an irregular blogger. I have dreams of updating more regularly, with Real Content(TM). IT COULD HAPPEN.)
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