September 24th, 2012



I have read 52 books this year. That was my goal for the year, and it’s the first time in *years* I’ve managed to read that many. It’s half the minimum number I think I should be reading, but I…well, you couldn’t say I came to terms with it, but I acknowledged that I’m not likely to get back to the 100+ of pre-writing-career years, nevermind the 200+ of my ill-spent youth. Anyway, so I reached goal AND there are still SEVERAL MONTHS left in the year. Woot!

Of course, I have another book and a half to write this year, and it would be nice to write several hundred pages worth of book proposal, too, so I may not get much past 52, but at least I hit goal.

Speaking of which, I really ought to remember that today I need to do the final edits on MOUNTAIN ECHOES, which is out in January or something. One more to go. O.O

thinks to do:
- laundry
- fold laundry
- put laundry away
- make bread
- make pea soup
- make dinner
- dishes
- clean office (bahahah)
- conquer templates
- paint kitchen 2nd coat

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but that’s probably enough.

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