September 18th, 2012


I’m not. But if I was…

Finishing the last story for the NO DOMINION Kickstarter campaign. I am of course inevitably thinking of running another one, though that way lies madness. I’m not running one, mind you. Not right now.

But if I was…

It would probably be KISS OF ANGELS, the Grace O’Malley story from the Old Races universe, which I (perhaps foolishly) believe would be novella-length.

If I was going to do this (and I’m not), what I learned from the last campaign is that short stories are king: as rewards they were vastly more popular than anything else I proposed. So the basic buy-in would get you the novella and every $5 thereafter would probably get you another short story, up to 6.

I would do a limited edition print run again. And I suppose if the campaign reached some genuinely stupendous amount of money, the Super Big Reward might be a full-length Old Races novel. Which might be what KISS OF ANGELS is anyway, mind you, I donno, so it might end up being somebody else’s novella-length (20-40K) story and Grace’s novel.

If I do this again there’ll be a wordcount associated with the reward levels this time, that’s for sure. :) And I’m not doing it!

But if I was, damn, wouldn’t Tara O’Shea’s KISS OF ANGELS cover be *beautiful*? (She’s the one who’s done the ORSSP covers…:))

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My husband is participating in a charity fundraising drive his work is doing. For every €250 he personally raises, he will have one quarter of his legs waxed. €1000 gets the, er, Full Monty, as it were.

Go forth, participate in his, um. Nobility! Yes, his nobility. :)

Please put “Go Ted go!” in the comments when you donate, so he can keep track of just how much he brings in, as several people are participating and a note is the only way he’ll know if his personal goal of €1000 is reached!


(…and who are we kidding, odds are very high that I’ll be writing a short story for those who /do/ participate… :))

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