September 10th, 2012


The Final Quest

Guys, guys, BoingBoing is hosting ElfQuest: The Final Quest.

It’s the first day and it’s already agonizing. They’re only posting one page a week. A WEEK, for the love of grod. But oh, the art. This is my ElfQuest: it’s not the super-soft painted work of the late nineties and early noughts, it’s not the too-sharp work in the first SIEGE/KINGS books, it’s not the still-finding-the-way roughness of the earliest issues, it’s not the well-meant-but-almost-entirely-wrong art brought to the table by other artists as ElfQuest branched out in the 90s, it is not the too-harshly colored material produced in some of the later graphic novels, but is rather rich and soft without too much saturation…it’s my ElfQuest. These are my elves, and honestly, I nearly cried to see them again.

And I am astonished at how touched I am to see it again, because I thought I had left my Holt years behind.

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GCBP: Butter Sponge Cake

I’d intended to make this yesterday, but after going forth to get necessary ingredients and being forced to face down the ungodly crush of people milling about because of the upcoming hurly match, all I wanted to do was hide at home and sob. So Young Indiana and I made this today: a Butter Sponge Cake.

Butter Sponge Cake

Well, cupcakes, anyway. The cake itself is nothing much: sweet but flavorless. The ganache frosting is almost a pudding, and my husband approved of it mightily. The recipe said garnish with whipped cream, and hey, who am I to argue with whipped cream?

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