September 3rd, 2012





After a holiday there is triage. Isn’t that how it usually works? Granted, triage was going to the zoo this morning, but it’s not like I was going to get any work done anyway, since one doesn’t with a toddler, except during nap time. :) Wonderful day for the zoo, too. I’d forgotten school was back in session, so everyone there was pretty much a parent of 2-4 year old. Later I’ll…post some pictures, except our desktop has crashed and I don’t know if it’s the All-Spark that’s burned out, or if the Magic Blue Smoke has been released, so my “later” plan may not be as clever as I think it is.

Doesn’t matter. Still have a triage list to complete.

thinks to do:
- last walker papers story
- answer bryant’s email
- pay faith
- find paperwork
- water the orange tree & rebuild the top of its treehouse
- laundry
- fix this #$(*& book
- make dinner
- other things I can’t even think of right now

I got (did I say this? I don’t think so, not here anyway) the proof copy of the print-on-demand edition of YEAR OF MIRACLES that I spent so much time futhering over to Make It Right. And it’s genuinely gorgeous, with a couple of minor fixes that I need to attend to. It looks like it belongs on the shelf with the others.

Except for its one glaring problem: at 6×9″, Lulu’s trade paperback size, it is an inch taller and wider than my books in general, which turn out to be 5×8, more or less (considerably more than less). It is, in other words, The Wrong Size. And that makes me barmy.

Lulu’s mass market size is industry standard, so I /could/ do mass market if I wanted things that would at least fit tidily on shelves, but mrghgl. I *want* a Lulu 5×8 option. :p

Amazon, I said bitterly, does 5×8 trades. (It doesn’t matter. Amazon, at least for the NO DOMINION project, isn’t an option, because I’m not shipping books from America to sign.)

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