August 26th, 2012


first review in!

If you will recall, I gave away four ARCs of BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER on the condition that the winners review the collection and make their reviews publicly available. Mela-Lyn has posted the first of these. Thank you, Mela!

Today was something of a flop on the writing front. Last night in my haste to finish up, I made a bad storytelling choice (I made things too easy again). This morning I got up, got started, slowed down, got slower…ground to a stop…stared at it a while…deleted 1300 words, and brought the book down below 35K again. Well, I was Not Stopping There, so I did get back up to 35K before quitting for the morning, but 1700 words of writing only netted a 300 word increase on the manuscript. Frustrating.

Afternoon word wars went a little better, but the sleepies had me, so really, overall, not a great writing day. At least I didn’t totally negate yesterday’s big work by doing *nothing* today. :p

37006 / 70000 words. 53% done!

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