August 25th, 2012


halfway there

“I’m going to go outside and write another 800 words,” I said, picking up my laptop a moment ago.

“How many will that put you at?” the audience enquired politely.

“35,000,” I said.

There was a pause while everyone stared at me, as they knew I finished yesterday at 25.5K. “How many words to 35,000?” asked my mother.

“Eight hundred,” I said, and a low whistle went ’round the room.

“You da man,” Dad said.

“I am,” said I, and came outside to work. :)

I installed Freedom on the computer a couple weeks ago, and have been using it assiduously the past week while I’ve been writing. I’ve also been doing what Twitter hashtags as 1k1h, ie, a word war challenge to write a thousand words in an hour. The combination has been…enlightening. I’ve more or less stopped alt-tabbing to try to check Twitter now, and I’m averaging about 1200, maybe 1300 words per hour, as opposed to around 900 with 30 minute wars. Clearly the Internet is evil, and writing for an hour straight is a more effective use of my time than 30 minute wars. Yes indeed. Less sociable, but way, way more words on the page. That’s good.

(I have not, however, broken myself of the habit of obsessively checking the wordcount tool…*checks*)

35114 / 70000 words. 50% done!

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