August 21st, 2012


quick warm-up blog post

I should remember that I never do get functional enough to write until I’ve been awake 20 minutes or so. Well. I do remember that. What I *should* have done was not dork around on the computer for those 20 minutes, and instead hand up the sopping wet laundry. (I cannot figure out how to make the washing machine spin with any degree of enthusiasm, so the clothes come out Very Very Wet Indeed. OTOH, there’s not even a hint of fog, much less cloud cover, this morning. It’s going to be unspeakably hot and the clothes will certainly be dry by noon, nevermind by whenever it is we return from today’s Adventures.

I also, of course, should have started another *load* of laundry in my wake-up time, but I didn’t. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be more proactive, but today I’m going to go have an exceptionally productive 2 hours and write 2500 words. So Sez I.

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french holidays

Shortly after writing this morning’s post, I observed the guy next door coming out and dumping a honey pot over the back wall of his balcony. I realize this is a medieval town, but dear *God*.

Today’s French Adventure was going in search of the Saint Hilaire Abbey, which after getting completely lost for the second time in a row using Google Maps we vowed to never do again and found the abbey on our own by using, you know. A regular map.

Anyway, the abbey was … incredibly peaceful, actually. I could see wanting to retreat there for contemplative and quiet time. It’s in tremendously good repair, with a 13th century church on the grounds that has either never fallen apart or has been put back together beautifully. There’s a room with some of the most astounding acoustics I’ve ever heard, with a small murder-hole like thing where the speaker would sit and speak normally and his voice would echo all over the room. It’s astonishing.

The abbey is apparently the first place that ever made sparkling wine, back before they called it/invented champagne, and there’s an old cave cellar where they stored the wine and it’s about forty degrees (F) cooler than the outside temperature, which is a huge relief when it’s 96 degrees. :)

Also, my 2 year old son was flirting with a 25 year old French girl who worked there, and she said to me, “Those big blue eyes, that intense look. He’s going to be trouble when he’s a teenager. Congratulations, Grandma!” *headdesk & laughter*

Two utterly cool crowdfunds: MOLLY DANGER, a Kickstarter about a 10 year old superhero, and Let’s Build a Goddamed Tesla Museum, which is raising funds for the purchase of the land Tesla’s last lab was built on, in order to secure them for, yes, building a goddamned Tesla Museum. This is probably the MOST AWESOME CROWDFUND EVER.

12258 / 70000 words. 18% done!

Decent progress, but it’s not going to get the book done on holiday.

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