August 1st, 2012


making print on demand files

I spent most of yesterday (work-time, anyway) turning the ORRSP and Year of Miracles into a POD for my non-e-reader family members. With a few minor exceptions that I may not be able to defeat because I’m using Open Office instead of a Proper Layout Program, I’m quite happy with it. In another life, this is what I do for a living.

The exceptions, in case anybody knows how to fix them, are as follows:

- I’d like the page numbering/headers to not start until the first page of the stories, which happens to be page 13
- I would like to remove the header information on each individual page that the stories begin on
- I’d like to be smarter than the table of contents and get it to line up in a nice 2-column layout, but hell if I can manage it o.O

Other than that, though, yes, quite pleased with myself. And having done it once will make doing the NO DOMINION limited edition easier, which is my excuse for having spent a whole day doing that, although really I just wanted to do it. :)

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