July 25th, 2012


boringest life ever.

I seem to be suffering from the boringest life ever, in terms of blogging. We have finally all recovered from jet lag (Ted actually suffered the longest, I think, because he has to get up at 5:30 and the Springsteen concert really messed him up). Poor guy.

I’ve been writing some and reading quite a lot and doing a terrible job of keeping up on blogging my recent reads. This week I’ve read

- the 2nd and 3rd WVMP RADIO series by Jeri Smith-Ready, and I just bought the, er, free download novella that is book 3.5. Something happened in the 3rd book that I didn’t like, but I’m waiting to see if it pays off and is justified or if I think it was just a mistake. :)

- the 2nd Starbridge book, SILENT DANCES, which in my callow yout’ was my favorite of the series and which I suspect still remains my favorite, although there’s one aspect of it that makes me go o.O when it didn’t when I was 17. (It’s a romantic subplot where it’s very nearly love at first site for the 20 year old protagonist. Which, since it didn’t bother me when I was 17, is probably fine, but as an adult I thought it was too convenient.)9

- the first Agatha Raisin mystery novel, which became increasingly charming as it progressed and which I am now looking forward to reading many more of. My big plan for the day may be to go find books 2 & 4, in fact, as I already have 3 & 5. :)

I’m up to 37 books this year, which exceeds last year’s count by 6 already (we won’t talk about 2010, when I read an embarrassing 15 books), and I might even beat my 52 book goal. I doubt, however, that I will reach 104, which is really the minimum number of books I feel I should read in a year. I don’t, however, believe I’ve done that since I got published. Being a writer cuts into your reading time. Nobody tells you that.

We picked up a BUNCH of urban fantasy while in America, which is unlike me, because generally I find reading UF too much like work. Possibly the whole not writing 2 urban fantasy series a year thing is helping that, though, ’cause I’m enjoying what I’ve been reading. I got a bunch of mystery novels, too, and some YA, and now I want to go buy ALL THE YA AND READ IT because, er, good stories, lads, good stories.

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