June 22nd, 2012


where did it go?

June has been equally extremely long and extremely blurred. I have had no sense of the day of the week most of the month, only a constant sense of bewilderment that it’s Not The Weekend Yet, or The Weekend Is Already Over? (I’m very proud of myself, though: I haven’t been working on weekends. Which does make them seem more important. Who knew?)

For Kickstarter Patrons: the proposal chapters for HEAVEN CAN WAIT have been delivered. Almost done with the whole project now, except the pursuit of the physical objects (calendar, limited edition book!) which go with it. Two more short stories, that’s it. Oughta wrap up next month sometime, I think, after which I can launch a new one, right*? :)

Oh, hey, speaking of Kickstarting, Evil Hat is running another Kickstarter, this one for a Spirit of the Century board game! And Fred, as is his wont, gets transparent about the costs. Really, Evil Hat is worth following just to see how a small business can be run in the modern era, even if you’re not a gamer geek.

Also, I like the look of this small independent movie, which I admit to only having checked out ’cause a favorite actor retweeted it, but that’s the whole point to social networking, right?

Today is looking like one of those days where taking a shower is too much work. I’m going to go try to shake off that entropy (entropy?) and get clean.

- BYD proofs
- send books
- put bike and grill on jumbletown
- pcon website
- get a skip
- plane tickets
- make an CSOR banner ad (not immediately, just soon)
- put away baby clothes

*Wrong. Even if I could decide what to do, I have TOO MUCH STUFF to do already! :)

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