June 1st, 2012


1 jillion things to do

I am considering dying my hair. I know, I know, the excitement! The trouble is to do it properly today would take two go-rounds, and I don’t know if I feel like being that thorough. :)

Things that must get done today:
- email the writers’ centre
- rattle with impatience for Amazon & BN to get ORIGINS online
- notify BYD ARC winners that they won:

The winners of the BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER ARC give-away are as follows:

Mylia Scribe-Jones
Elise Julene Tuck
B. Ross

If all of you will contact me with your snail mail addresses, I will get those books in the mail to you. Remember, your part of this bargain is to write a review of the collected stories and either post it on your own blog and give me the link to it, or provide me with a review to post here! :)

- email padraig
- do dishes
- take out the upstairs rubbish
- make a massage appt
- attempt to make a hair appt
- whatever else comes to mind that seems important :)
- like the BYD page proofs

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*clears throat*

Happy BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTHDAY dear Esmerel, Silkblade, Fahri, Novella, Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe, Superman and MEEEEEEEEEE!

THE OLD RACES: ORIGINS For my birthday, I offer you the opportunity to go buy THE OLD RACES: ORIGINS short story collection! (I know, I’m so thoughtful. :))

at Amazon
at Barnes & Noble
At Smashwords
at cemurphy.net (PDF only)

Why PDF only at cemurphy.net, you ask? After all, don’t I get basically ALL the money if you buy it direct? Well, yes, I do. But if you buy it through any of the other retailers, it raises the collection’s profile, making it more likely for *other* people to find it and buy it. I think probably in the long run that’s worth more than the extra dollar I get through a direct sale.

So: if you have an e-reader and really want to give me a birthday present, go ahead and go buy the collection. Write a review of it and give it four or five stars if you like it.

ORSSP patrons: this is a GREAT TIME for you to go write a review and star it heavily! You’ve already read all these stories! Go make it look good! *big hopeful eyes* :)

(Seriously, though, Amazon and B&N need to adjust their system so that a user can upload the book, go through the whole “publishing” process, and set a time/date for it to actually go live for sale, because all week I’ve been like YAY FRIDAY and instead of books going up on time I get “Your book will be available for sale in 12-72 hours.” Argh.)

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picoreview: Snow White & the Huntsman

Picoreview: Too long by at least half an hour, but to my astonishment, Kristen Stewart was quite good in it. She emoted! And Chris Hemsworth is dreamy. And Charlize Theron is…well, you know. Charlize Theron. Raar.

Some of the effects were very pretty, some of the uses of magic were nicely done to explain a couple of things that otherwise made me go o.O, but man, I really wish they’d cut half an hour from it. My advice: don’t see it when you’re already sleepy.

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