May 7th, 2012


Sanity prevails.

Sort of, anyway.

Every once in a while* I must remind myself that I do not have to do All The Things All The Time. And sometimes I must say No Stop Don’t Take On Any More Projects, Because Otherwise Your Head Will Explode.

So in a momentary fit of sanity prevailing, I declare myself full-up of projects for the next 18 months. Not taking any new ones on**.

This does not, of course, include projects on proposal which may sell, or the ones you guys don’t yet know about, of which there are at least three. But beyond that, yeah. Sanity Must Prevail.

Dammit. :)

*by which i mean CONSTANTLY
**I will reconsider if, y’know, I get invited to an anthology with 3 NYT headliners, but yeah.

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