May 4th, 2012


Let them eat cake!

I brought a cake to the butcher today, as promised a few months ago. :)

Luckily for me, the man who’d asked for it originally was there, and I said if he didn’t mind, I needed a moment of his time. He said “You’ve my full attention!”

So I said to him that a few months ago I’d been in and had bought some small eggs rather than large, and he’d been giving me a hard time about it, but I’d said I preferred the smaller ones for baking, which I liked to do, and that he had said, “You should make us a cake!” at the time.

His eyes got very round and he said, “Ah, no, ye never…”

I said, “I did!” and produced the cake from beneath the buggy while he kept saying, “No, ye didn’t so, you did…! Thank you! Ye never, but…what kind is it,” asked he, as he tugged the plastic wrap away from the top.

“Lemon,” said I, and he got a whiff and his eyes got even bigger. (It was a very lemony cake, made from my Perfect Lemon Cake recipe, and it was probably the best PLC I’ve made, in fact. I know this because it’s a generous recipe so I had enough to make not only a sheet cake, but a handful of cupcakes so we could taste test it. :))

“It smells garges*,” said he, and to the man next to him, “Take a whiff of this! This lady bought eggs a while back and I slagged her and said she ought to make us a cake and she did!” Another butcher walked by and he said, “Smell this!” to that one too, and to me he said, “I ought to slag you more often!”

I allowed as how he should, and he spluttered more thanks, and I went off very very pleased with myself as he was walking through the shop making everybody inhale the cake’s scent and telling the story over again. :)

ETA: I should’ve known to just link to it in the first place: here is the Perfect Lemon Cake recipe, tidied up and shaped more like a recipe than what I actually originally posted years ago. :)


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