May 1st, 2012


not actually possible

It is not actually possible to do all the projects I want to do. Certainly not all at once, even if my enthusiasm for them flares and makes me go want to do it RIGHT NOW.

Of course, the impulse right now is to take the lemon curd I’m making and make lemon bar cheesecakes! and lemon cheesecake squares! and lemon gingersnap meringues! All of which I could probably do, in fact. And then I’d eat them all and be … I can’t even make a fat-face emoticon. :)

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too! many! projects!

I have too many pending projects. I can’t figure out what to work on. Woe! WOE!

Perhaps I’ll list them and throw a dart. :)

- Billy Holliday short story
- Suzanne Quinley short story
- Bryant’s short story
- other Walker Papers short story
- Daisani AFTERMATH story
- another AFTERMATH story
- HEAVEN CAN WAIT proposal
- LEGION chapter
- retold Alaskan origin story

…ok, the (or a) problem here is I’m nominally finishing all of that this month. Even if I drop HEAVEN CAN WAIT out of the list that’s still 7 short stories & 1 chapter to write. That would be…unusually productive. Not so much in wordcount, but that’s a lot of gear-shifting. o.O

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