April 26th, 2012


ORSSP fwoomp!

The Old Races Short Story Project has been delivered to its patrons complete with a cover, patron acknowledgements, table of contents, all sorts of exciting things, in .epub and .mobi formats. And I did this one ALL BY MYSELF! …so if there are horrible mistakes, there’s no one to blame but me, which may be the down side to doing it myself. :)

If you were an ORSSP patron and haven’t gotten your epub/mobi file, or need it as a PDF, email me (cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com) and let me know. Tell me your Paypal address, too, so that I’ve got something to check it against…

Next up is converting “Year of Miracles” t…ok, actually, next up is *revising* YoM, since I went to the trouble of having my former Del Rey editor & now Freelance Editor Extraordinare Betsy Mitchell do a line edit on it, but after that, converting it to epub/mobi/pdf in preparation for the incoming cover art and getting it onto Amazon et all. (And yes, I’ll be sending “Year of Miracles” out to its patrons as e-books, too. It would be very mean of me to make you re-buy it, wouldn’t it. :))

Similarly with the Old Races collections, which are inclusive of the ORSSP but broken up differently, plus have a few different stories. And…well, I have to write at least one more story for AFTERMATH. I may not write any more for ORIGINS, which will have five stories in it. If I don’t write any more for it, then ORSSP patrons won’t have to re-buy it, which seems like it would be the better decision.

If all goes well, May will be the month of writing All The Short Stories. 3, no, crap, 4 Walker Papers stories*, 1 Walker Papers story revision, 1 or 2 Old Races stories, and a retold Alaskan creation story/fairy tale. If I was truly magnificent I would also do a Billy & Melinda novella but 6 short stories will probably take up most of my writing time unless I have some kind of utterly brilliant inspiration at some point.

*Note to self: 2 for No Dominion, 1 for Bryant, 1 for that anthology, don’t forget about that.

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Now that I have learned to make e-books I want to do ALL the Old Races stuff RIGHT NOW and get them up for people to buy! NOW! NOW NOW NOW!

…except I haven’t edited “YoM”, I need cover art for it and ORIGINS, and I need to write one or two stories for AFTERMATH. Curses. :)

Been thinking and examining the whole self-pubbed e-book pricing and stuff. In retrospect, it’s possible Faith Hunter & I should’ve set “Easy Pickings” at a $3.99 price point. Wondering whether wordcount or story type should dictate price for e-books. Collection of short stories, $2.99, 1 novella (same length or longer than short story collection) $3.99, book $4.99, long book $5.99-$7.99?

(I’m Miss Posty McPostsALot today, it seems. :))

(Now if this would just crosspost to LJ…)

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