April 12th, 2012


a-revising we will go

Got through the first pass of NO DOMINION revisions yesterday, and caused myself to burst into tears near the end. I hope that’s a sign of the book doing what it should rather than me desperately needing more sleep. :)

To answer the most-oft asked NO DOMINION question: yes, it will eventually be made available to a wider audience than just the Kickstarter patrons. But I don’t know when or how yet, so I’ll keep you posted when I do.

Today I have to rewrite a few scenes, add a few clarifications, and figure out where to put chapter breaks in the, er, second half of the manuscript, because they somehow…stopped appearing. And if I’m lucky that’ll be the heavy lifting done and it’ll all be spellchecks and copy edits from there on out. Because it’s due SUNDAY. O.O

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oh hell.

Aghglghlghg. I didn’t have comments turned on, I guess, in the Open Office document, and so I have only just now, after two passes through the NO DOMINION manuscript & working from the revision letter & believing I was finished with revisions, discovered the 79 comments left in-manuscript by my editor.

I am not, it seems, done with revisions after all. Alghgghl.

Although this certainly explains the otherwise-bewildering lack of commentary in the manuscript, since Matrice usually has loads of good thoughts and things to point out…

Guess I won’t be doing the printout for copy edits tonight after all. o.O

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