April 10th, 2012



XKCD is usually terrific anyway, but this one is particularly awesome. Depths of the world’s lakes, seas, oil wells…. Also the mouseover text on the embedded comic is unusually heartbreaking, though you sort of have to start by reading the first one I linked to so you can see what the mouseover is talking about.

I had Hunger Games dreams all last night. Apparently one should not binge on that trilogy and then go straight to bed. Or I shouldn’t, anyway. My brain has become more susceptible to immediate regurtitations of what I’ve been reading.

*LAUGHS* Sarah just told me I would be an awesome Effie. I shall spend the rest of the week going around saying, “We’ve got a big big BIG day in front of us!”

Oh yes. I need to go find a 7 bean soup recipe, because in my infinite wisdom I bought beans yesterday, looked at the little bag, thought, “That’s not so many!” and put them all in to soak. Now, of course, they are twice as big and clearly will make the most gigantic pot of lamb & bean soup ever, or two more reasonably-sized pots, one of lamb & bean and one of just bean. And if I make some just bean soup I can bring some to my sister, too, which is a win. *recipe searches*

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hrmph. :)

DINOCALYPSE is pushing NO DOMINION out of the top 5 most-funded fiction Kickstarter projects. I have the absurd, profoundly competitive urge to say OH NO YOU DON’T and run another Kickstarter. And I’m PART of Dinocalypse!

(Shutting up & going back to NO DOMINION revisions now. :))

*laughs helplessly* Ah, I see: Twitter is informing me this is the tack I should now be taking: “The way you pitch yourself is now this: “both of the Kickstarter projects I’ve written for cracked the top five.”

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