April 2nd, 2012


april? o.O

It is April. This makes my little brain confused. I know where March went: into a blitz of sickness and writing. But still: April? o.O

Oh, squeak! The SotC Dinocalypse Kickstarter is less than $200 $100 squeak squeak squeak!!!! from me writing a novel for them. I have hopes of it tipping over to $20K before Fred wakes up HOLY SQUEAKING BEANS IT DONE BEEN DOOED! Eee, squee, I get to write pulpy goodness! Eeee!!!

thinks to do today:
- get juice
- make bread
- laundry
- try to remember the other thinks i knew i needed to do when i came in here to add them to the list… :)

thinks to definitely do for April:
- NO DOMINION revisions
- “Twenty Years After” revisions
- “Year of Miracles” revisions (anyone sensing a theme?)
- get ORSSP epub/mobi stuff sorted for those patrons. finally. :p

thinks to ideally do for April:
- write 2 more Walker Papers short stories
- write 3 chapters of a book that doesn’t exist
- write a chapter of ElectriCity
- get first batch of ORSSP stories onto amazon et all

non-work thinks to do for April:
- finish tree house
- write that letter for ted
- also do the other business thing for ted
- exercise

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