April 1st, 2012


picoreview: hunger games, wrath of the titans

Picoreview: THE HUNGER GAMES : Enjoyed it thoroughly. Going to have to read the books to see if the utterly mystifying world building is better explained.

Picoreview: WRATH OF THE TITANS : Dramatic but boring.

Also, you want to talk about utterly mystifying: they re-cast Andromeda from a brunette to a blonde, and I didn’t remember the character’s name from the first movie so fucked if I could figure out why Perseus the fisherman seemed to have an unresolved relationship with the Greek queen. Ted was hard-pressed to convince me the character was supposed to have been the same one from the first film, and I’m annoyed enough by the recasting (they didn’t even make her BRUNETTE, FFS) to be retroactively more annoyed with the movie than I was while watching it. I wasn’t annoyed then, I just didn’t care very much.

That said, I will no doubt go see the third one, and will be disappointed if it isn’t DEATH OF THE TITANS.

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