March 27th, 2012


SotC: Amelia Stone

I just want to observe that the SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY Kickstarter has crossed the $15K threshold, which means it is now actively moving toward “Catie writes a pulp fiction novel!”

Guys, it’s an insane bargain. If, in the goodness of your heart, you want to offer up twenty bucks, you get FIVE BOOKS and a warm fuzzy feeling, but the truth is you can get five books for ten dollars, which is just a preposterously good deal. And one of those books will be by me! :) (Because who are we kidding, does anybody think it’s *not* going to hit $20K?)

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best husband.

Not only did Ted take over baby duties for the full long weekend I was gone, but, knowing I had beaten my goal (which was to reach 80K), he went forth and got me a Brain Restorative Media Kit as a congratulations gift: Season 1 Game of Thrones, the A-Team movie (who can resist Brad Cooper?), and a Jessie J and Pixie Lott album each.

We have now watched the first episode of GoT, which, <3 <3 <3. Tyrion. I mean, just <3. Everyone’s wonderful, and of course Dinklage is playing the best character in the books, but OMG. Tyrion. :) About halfway through the first episode Ted said, “…think we can get these all watched by Sunday?” (when the new season starts). I said no, but sympathize with the impulse. :)

I really do have the best husband. <3

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Thing One: I hate it when I ask a question and the responses make me think of a really cool idea that’s well beyond my ability to accomplish. Hrmph. Oh well.

(The question was “Should ebook covers for related sets of stories match, or does it not matter for epub-only stuff?” The answer appears to be “we prefer them to look like a set,” which spawned a great idea for the e-covers of the upcoming Old Races short story collection e-release stuff, but: lack talent, time and funds, so phooey.)

Thing Two: Speaking of e-books, Juliet E McKenna has just released A FEW FURTHER TALES OF EINARINN in e-pub, and I expect it’s going to be wonderful.

Thing Three: The other day I learned my sister’s swim coach in high school had made them do like 240 pushups every day. No wonder she was so fit. But after saying this, she said, brightly, “Of course, just 60 a day really makes a difference!”


Thing Four: For no reason I can discern, I had a dream a couple mornings ago which featured a group cameo of Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling & Henry Cavill. I thought quite clearly, in-dream, “If only Dean Cain was here, this would be perfect!” Apparently I discount Brandon Routh as Superman because they digitially/contactually changed his eye color, and I seem to feel that if you’re going to cast someone with brown eyes as Superman you should embrace it, a la Cain. :)

Thing Five: There is no thing five.

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